Students will have the opportunity to start their own business or nonprofit while they prepare for college.


Siembra provides students with immersive, real-world learning that prepares them for their future in college and in their career. Our staff are dedicated to high expectations; students learn 21st century skills about professionalism, collaborative learning, and teamwork, but also develop leadership skills to succeed wherever they go.

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Our Model

Learn By Doing

Our students use problem-solving and innovation to address real-world problems

Creativity and imagination are at the core of innovation. Siembra encourages students to think outside the box, explore, and pursue their passions. Siembra’s network of employers and entrepreneurs empower students to feel safe to take creative risks, work as a team, solve real-world problems, and test the limits of their imagination.

360 -Degree Support

360 Degree Support

Siembra recognizes opportunity in every student

Students receive support at all levels – academically, mentally and physically. Our school provides a fun and challenging education that is tuned into the lives of students and their individual needs.


Community Engagement

The underlying intent of Community Engagement is to shift from speaking about what others should do, to speaking about what we, as a community, can create

Entrepreneurship is about identifying problems and finding solutions that contribute to improving our lives and communities. Siembra students work with the local community, making a positive impact on the people around them while creating a strong future for Albuquerque.