Currently enrolling 9th grade students

Empowering Students Through Entrepreneurship



2017 | Accepting students entering 9th – 10th grade

2018 | Accepting students grades 9th – 11th

2019 | Enrolling all high school students, 9th – 12th grade

Q. What is the school like?

A. It is a small school environment – students who feel lost in larger school systems will flourish here.

Q. What is project-based learning?

A. Students engage with class work in hands-on, real-world ways that help to develop skills as active problem solvers. This approach helps develop a growth mindset.

Q. How is curriculum developed and assessed?

A. School curriculum is designed with input from the entrepreneurship sector industries. Projects and performance assessments are guided by what graduates need to demonstrate to be successful in the industry.

Q. What opportunities do students get that they might not access at other public schools?

A. All students have access to internships and career exploration opportunities.

Q. Does Siembra offer dual enrollment?

A. Students have the ability to start a college program while still in high school through dual enrollment.

Q. Is Siembra a trade school?

A. No. Trade schools generally focus on a narrow set of trade-related skills. Siembra students are empowered to become successful college students. All students will be encouraged to think outside the box, explore, and pursue their passions.

Q. Who attends Siembra?

A. Students come from varied backgrounds and interests. All Siembra students are interested in the world of entrepreneurship and want to explore building a business or nonprofit of their own.

Q. How do I apply?

A. We have an easy, online lottery application accessible by desktop or mobile. Apply by clicking the link below or return a completed lottery application by mail or email.


Team work and mentorship are key to our school’s mission